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Internship & Training

Are you seeking for a job, but cannot find because of lack of experience? Well, we give you the solution: an internship - known as the link between classroom and professional world, always valuable especially when there is a possibility to earn money.

What is an Internship?
An internship is a program of work experience within foreign companies from various European and overseas countries, specialized in fields like: management, finance, banking, marketing, engineering, journalism, publishing, secretarial work, public relations, hotel and catering, insurance, fashion, etc. It is meant for students, graduates, post-graduates or professionals from any sectors, outside European Economic Area, aged 18 and up, providing them with the opportunity to acquire valuable vocational experience and to increase employment prospects through the development of language, business, interpersonal and cultural skills.

As a participant you will have the chance to work in a foreign company and to discover as well many aspects of European, American and Canadian life, language and culture, unobtainable otherwise. As an employee of the firm you will have to respect the rules as any other member of the staff, you will be designated a mentor, who will organize for you a one day orientation and will provide you assistance during the whole period.

The program includes tuition and work placement, the student being considered as a member of the company where he will develop and fulfil his potential.

What are the benefits?
  • Financial benefits - the program not only creates for you the possibility to experience work, but most important it even pays you for doing that, an incredible help for a non-experienced person.
  • Career benefits - being able to attest of a work experience in a foreign country is a real added value to your Curriculum Vitae. Not only does it show your language skills, but moreover your ability to adjust to another culture and different work environment and methods. It is a major asset to a successful career.
Join the program now and you will not regret it. Get the helping hand we stretch out to you !!!
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