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You have the opportunity to study in another country for nine months and in the meantime to make friends from all over the world and discover new things and places. You can choose between Canada, USA, Australia, New Zeeland, U.K, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Malta, Ecuador, China etc.

An Acadeamic Year Abroad is the ideal way to completely immerse yourself in a language. You will first perfect your language skills, then study academic subjects in your areas of interest. You choose how many lessons per week and at which level of intensity (general or intensive from 24 to 30 lessons per week).

All subjects courses combine classroom teaching with a varied menu of lectures, and youíll participate in a lively group discussions, study visits and creative projects work. Take courses in academic subjects such as literature, history, theater studies, business vocabulary, web designed, journalism, hotel management etc.

You'll also have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through an internship with a local company. The internship gives you the opportunity to use your developing language skills in the workplace abroad.

Spending nine months away from your home is a big commitement. After all your efforts, you will receive a range of official documents that employers, universities and government authorities in over 150 countries will recognize.

The costs of an academic year abroad may vary from 8000 $ to 13000 $ and they include English language lessons, twin room homestay, breakfast & dinner, e-mail and internet access etc.

Choose to learn abroad and youíll have a great year! While reaching your goals, youíll explore new places ans meet freiends from all over the world.

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